Monday, April 30, 2012


This was my first month taking part in #FoodiePenPals, an awesome foodie care package started by Lindsay at the The Lean Green Bean. In a nutshell, #FoodiePenPals is an opt-in $15 a month foodie penpal box program.  After filling out a simple form, Lindsay pairs you with a fellow food lover for a surprise care package.  You can learn more and sign up for this super initiative here

Actress, foodie and fellow fitness freak, SexyFlexi, was given my name in April. After a quick email exchange on tastes and aversions, the box of goodies above arrived. What FUN it was to receive. I found myself double checking the foyer for a package in excitement--it was a Christmas morning kind of feeling.  

The box was spot on in terms of my approach to food. Healthy but fun snacks (i.e. REAL veggie chips, a small package of cookies for a treat, etc.), a jar of soup (my favorite meal!), and tea with honey sticks which I can't wait to bring to the office.  The three best surprises were: 
  1. An Avocado from SexyFlexi's local farmers market: I feel a little guilty purchasing vegetables that are not local to the North East.  For this reason, I went a year without a banana, and think of avocado as a "special" treat.  Is this a bit hardcore? Yes.  Does this keep me motivated to mostly enjoy my local CSA farm share vegetables? You bet.  Oh sweet avocado, I stare at you daily waiting for you to ripen.  Major points for SexyFlexi for finding a way to send produce.  I struggled with this when creating my own #foodiepenpals box. 
  2. M&W Gourmet Lemon Honey Roasted Almonds: Oh. My. Lord... These nuts are insanely good. I MAY have had a handful in the middle of the night.  I MIGHT have not told my husband about them so I could have them all to myself.  I DID email my penpal in awe.  The company calls these "healthy fruit loops", which sounds odd I know but is spot on.  I will get my hands on more of these.  I will.
  3. A handwritten recipe and dry powder ingredients for a vegan chocolate cake: How cute and creative is that?  I'm making the cake as a surprise for my hubby the night before I go back to work after maternity leave.  
Can't wait for next month, and to stay in touch with SexyFlexi!

Friday, April 13, 2012

#FoodPhotography - Roasted Beets

I've been savoring my last few weeks on maternity leave with the little guy and blogging has fallen off my radar.  The summer CSA share and farmers markets are just around the corner, and I'm looking forward to more time in the kitchen.

In the meantime, I'm hoping you enjoy this #FoodPhotography of roasted beets.  Stay tuned, there is a sunchoke risotto post coming which you won't want to miss!

#FoodPhotography: Roasting Beets

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