Monday, April 30, 2012


This was my first month taking part in #FoodiePenPals, an awesome foodie care package started by Lindsay at the The Lean Green Bean. In a nutshell, #FoodiePenPals is an opt-in $15 a month foodie penpal box program.  After filling out a simple form, Lindsay pairs you with a fellow food lover for a surprise care package.  You can learn more and sign up for this super initiative here

Actress, foodie and fellow fitness freak, SexyFlexi, was given my name in April. After a quick email exchange on tastes and aversions, the box of goodies above arrived. What FUN it was to receive. I found myself double checking the foyer for a package in excitement--it was a Christmas morning kind of feeling.  

The box was spot on in terms of my approach to food. Healthy but fun snacks (i.e. REAL veggie chips, a small package of cookies for a treat, etc.), a jar of soup (my favorite meal!), and tea with honey sticks which I can't wait to bring to the office.  The three best surprises were: 
  1. An Avocado from SexyFlexi's local farmers market: I feel a little guilty purchasing vegetables that are not local to the North East.  For this reason, I went a year without a banana, and think of avocado as a "special" treat.  Is this a bit hardcore? Yes.  Does this keep me motivated to mostly enjoy my local CSA farm share vegetables? You bet.  Oh sweet avocado, I stare at you daily waiting for you to ripen.  Major points for SexyFlexi for finding a way to send produce.  I struggled with this when creating my own #foodiepenpals box. 
  2. M&W Gourmet Lemon Honey Roasted Almonds: Oh. My. Lord... These nuts are insanely good. I MAY have had a handful in the middle of the night.  I MIGHT have not told my husband about them so I could have them all to myself.  I DID email my penpal in awe.  The company calls these "healthy fruit loops", which sounds odd I know but is spot on.  I will get my hands on more of these.  I will.
  3. A handwritten recipe and dry powder ingredients for a vegan chocolate cake: How cute and creative is that?  I'm making the cake as a surprise for my hubby the night before I go back to work after maternity leave.  
Can't wait for next month, and to stay in touch with SexyFlexi!


  1. So glad you liked your box! I have to hunt down that nut guy; he was nowhere to be found at the market last week!!!
    I know.
    I finally cut into my avocado a couple days ago; thing took forever to ripen. It was so worth it though!
    Let me know how the cake turns out! ;-)

  2. love love love all the ideas! those nuts sound amazing!

  3. I looooove the avocado!! This was my first time too :D


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