Saturday, June 30, 2012


My #FoodiePenPal this month went way over the spending limit, spoiling me with yummy treats.  How lucky I was to be paired up with Dawn. The highlights:
  1. Lemon Creme Wafers: If you asked me what my favorite cookie is, I'd probably tell you I prefer cheese to any sweet.  But if I really think about it, it's absolutely a wafer.  Airy, crunchy, layered, a little savory.  Yum.  These lasted only two days. Oops. 
  2. Savi Seeds: A first for me, and such an interesting flavor. I wish I knew about this Amazon Inca Peanut while I was pregnant, as the seeds are the richest source of Omega 3 on earth! 
  3. Kale Chips: I don't think Dawn knew about my obsession with kale.  These were spot on, calling my name. 
  4. Lavender: An ADORABLE little tea bag full of lavender which I promptly tucked into my underwear drawer :-)
The protein drink mix is in my gym bag and I'm saving the lollipops for a rainy day.  Thanks, Dawn for an overflowingly fun box.  Join the #FoodiePenPal movement here.

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