Thursday, May 31, 2012


For the second month in a row, I've been paired with a California-based #FoodiePenPal. How lucky am I??? As you may know from this post, my May box included a 2 lb bag of black beans which just delighted me. I had so much fun soaking, preparing and eating them in a Shrimp and Quinoa salad.

My favorite May Pen Pal box item is the Pomegranate Apple Jelly from Ha's Apple Farm. It's perfectly textured, just sweet enough (no sugar added!) and already in frequent rotation. Last night, I seared two lightly salted pork chops in a cast iron skillet for two minutes a side, smeared a generous heaping of the pomegranate jelly on top and popped the whole skillet in the oven for 8 minutes to finish off the meat. Delish.

The one item not pictures below is the cactus flower tortillas. What an awesome, super local, California item. Love love loved these! Thank you, Michelle, from The Confluent Kitchen, for a wonderful May delivery!

Do you want to be a FoodiePenPal? Sign up here for this super fun exchange. You don't need to be a food blogger, you simply must love Food.

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  1. Awesome treats! The cactus flower tortillas sounds cool.


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